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Welcome friend! I am so glad you've found my blog. I love that you're here in my little home on the web! Here you will find relationship advice, wedding planning tips, and a few dad jokes! Explore, ask questions, but most of all, make yourself at home. I hope you find inspiration, love and joy in these stories! 

i'm Susannah

Hey there!

i'm Susannah

Welcome friend! I am so glad you've found my blog. I hope you find inspiration, love and joy here! 

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Hey there!

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I’ve been working from home for the better part of a decade now, and I have to admit I didn’t originally create a morning routine. When I started my business at 16 my morning routine looked like stay up late doing homework and wake up at the last possible second for classes. That “routine” carried […]

How to create a morning routine

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So we’re all staying home now. Which means we need some new at home date night ideas! In a lot of ways being able to stay home is such a blessing, but for my family it’s also had a lot of challenges. JT is a grocery store manager so his hours have been kinda crazy. […]

10 At Home Date Night Ideas

at home date ideas couple sitting on couch doing a date night box

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In January JT and I were living in a 600 sq ft 1 bedroom apartment with just one window. It was small, but cozy and exactly what we needed for our first year as newlyweds. I am so thankful for the time we spent in that apartment. The memories we made there will always be […]

We Bought A House!

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Alex and Travis have a way of making you feel like a lifelong friend even when you’ve only just met. We officially met for the first time on their wedding day! Of course we’d talked on the phone and emailed back and forth. But they had traveled for their Forest Highlands Canyon Clubhouse Wedding in […]

Alex and Travis | Forest Highlands Canyon Clubhouse Wedding

Flagstaff wedding photographer

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Starting 2020 with Davis and Cody’s Mt. Lemmon engagement session was probably the best way that 2020 could have started! It was just a ton of fun! We were determined to find snow, and thankfully we found it! We may have had to drive for about 40 minutes to get there. But it was definitely […]

Davis and Cody Mt Lemmon Engagement Session

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Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! What a fun time of year when two of the holidays I celebrate are happening at the same time. Christmas time always makes me think about how the last year went. And this year this meme has been going around: It says “As a grown-up I’ve learned that all the […]

Merry Christmas from Susannah and JT

Christmas Stockings

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Annie and Matt’s wedding was nothing short of magical. This sweet couple got married at The Highlands at Dove Mountain in the foothills of Tucson, Az, and they were surrounded with their family and friends. Plus there were lots of fun surprises! The day started at the Westward Look Resort and Spa where all the […]

Annie and Matt | Highlands at Dove Mountain

Highlands at Dove Mountain

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Lauren and Chris are one of the couples that I just connected with right away. Lauren and I first chatted on Instagram about two weeks ago! We spent all day chatting, and I immediately started stalking her Insta page. What I found out was that she is the sweetest person, and has the cutest fiance […]

Lauren and Chris | Sabino Canyon Engagement Session

sabino canyon engagement session

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So in November of 2018 JT and I were newly newly-weds! We’d been married for less than three full weeks when Thanksgiving rolled around. And as we all now pumpkin pie is the dessert of choice for Thanksgiving!    Now to be clear, JT loves pumpkin pie. Like in contest between pumpkin pie and me […]

Baking the Perfect Pumpkin Pie

making pumpkin pie