laundry room shelf
laundry room shelf

We went over budget. Our first mistake for our laundry room makeover was buying the butcher block from Ikea. Did you know ikea’s butcher block isn’t butcher block? It is a particle board. The second mistake is that I arguable bought too much of it. I bought 1 island size piece of 72″x42″ and 2 […]

overhead photo with clipboard with a money goals sheet, cash, a calculator, and a computer
book, glasses and candle on a bed with a white comforter and green sheets

We’re a little over half way done with September! So, I want to give an update on our no spend month. It has been a lot harder than I anticipated. I bought some things that weren’t on my list! I’m sharing with full transparency to hold myself accountable and to show that I’m not perfect […]

september calendar with succulents in planters