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Welcome friend! I am so glad you've found my blog. I love that you're here in my little home on the web! Here you will find relationship advice, wedding planning tips, and a few dad jokes! Explore, ask questions, but most of all, make yourself at home. I hope you find inspiration, love and joy in these stories! 

i'm Susannah

Hey there!

i'm Susannah

Welcome friend! I am so glad you've found my blog. I hope you find inspiration, love and joy here! 

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Hey there!


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Not everyone knows this, but I started my photography journey with the desire to capture family memories! I was a senior in high school when I took my first photo class, but for my whole life I’d valued the memories that photos captured. Some of my favorite memories with my mom from when I was […]

Family Lifestyle Portraits | Cassie and Jessi

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One of the most amazing parts of being a photographer is that I get to meet other photographers! Well actually, I get to meet other creatives! And sometimes, when I’m really lucky, I have the privilege of taking branding headshots for them. That’s the case with Caitlin of Caitlin Audrey Photography. She and I have […]

Branding Headshots | Caitlin Audrey Photography

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What is your favorite part of fall? I know for a lot of people it’s the pumpkin spice lattes! But for me it’s apple picking! We always buy about 40 pounds of apples and then we make and can apple sauce. But we also make plenty of apple pies! So when I decided to teach lifestyle […]

Lifestyle Workshop in Phoenix | Nikki and Leo

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One of my favorite things to photograph is a lifestyle session. Whenever a client mentions they want one my heart does a little flutter. I might even do a little happy dance. I love the intimacy and closeness that in home sessions provide. Seriously, what is more genuine and true to your story than your […]

In Home Lifestyle Session | Diana and Micah

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To me lifestyle photography exists to capture how a moment in someone’s life feels. It’s about capturing more authentic moments. The beauty of lifestyle photography is that it allows for the in between moments to become the center focus. We all love the portraits where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera, and I […]

Family Lifestyle Portraits | Phoenix Arizona

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Life is filled with big moments. The first time you meet. (Which for Leah and Stian happened while participating in a body building competition!) When you fall in love. Getting engaged. The anticipation of spending forever together. Moving into your first place, and so many more. But in between all those big moments. In between […]

Leah and Stian In Home Lifestyle Couples Session