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Welcome friend! I am so glad you've found my blog. I love that you're here in my little home on the web! Explore, ask questions, but most of all, make yourself at home. I hope you find inspiration, love and joy in these stories! 

i'm Susannah

Hey there!

i'm Susannah

Welcome friend! I am so glad you've found my blog. I hope you find inspiration, love and joy here! 

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Hey there!


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We’re a little over half way done with September! So, I want to give an update on our no spend month. It has been a lot harder than I anticipated. I bought some things that weren’t on my list! I’m sharing with full transparency to hold myself accountable and to show that I’m not perfect […]

No spend month halfway check in!

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For those of you who don’t know I love popcorn. Like seriously I love it. I will try any variation of popcorn. My favorite part about going to Tokyo DisneySea was the they had different flavors of popcorn in every land. When we go to the fair the thing I look forward to most is […]

Easy Butterbeer Popcorn Recipe

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How do y’all feel about men wearing engagement rings? It’s one of my favorite trends that I’m seeing more and more of. This year alone I’ve had several engagement sessions where the groom has been wearing an engagement ring. And I am here for it!    What’s interesting to me is that without fail each […]

Fettle and Fire Ring Dishes

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  I get the most work done on my laptop. I have a beautiful big iMac that is where I do all the heavy lifting for my business. Aka editing. Seriously y’all editing takes the biggest chunk of time when it comes to all of my business needs. And I love my iMac for it.  […]

Productivity Power Hour – Why I love my laptop!

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How do you feel about engagement rings and ring dishes? As a wedding photographer I see a ton of rings. Like 50 or so every year! It’s seriously one of my favorite parts of my job! Each ring has so much personality and charm, it really feels like you can tell a bit about each […]

House and Honey Ring Dishes

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My husband likes to joke that food is my love language. And he’s not wrong – I do love really good food! My favorite hobby might just be snacking, and my favorite thing to snack on is guacamole and chips! I mean I’m joking of course, but also where are my friends who love to […]

How to make the best guacamole… or try to!

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Hey guys! This weeks weekly favorites comes in the form of online shopping! If you follow me on social media you may already know that I send all my clients a style guide. This style guide helps client prepare and is packed full of tips for their engagement sessions. But often my brides ask me […]

Weekly Favorites | Online Modest Dresses Shop