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Sometimes as a photographer I get into a little bit of a creative rut. Or I will find myself using my environment or the clients outfit as a crutch instead of creating new and dynamic poses and imagery. When that happens I like to stretch myself creatively by attending a workshop. Or I will photograph […]

Tucson Headshots | Rachel

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One of my favorite things to photograph is a lifestyle session. Whenever a client mentions they want one my heart does a little flutter. I might even do a little happy dance. I love the intimacy and closeness that in home sessions provide. Seriously, what is more genuine and true to your story than your […]

In Home Lifestyle Session | Diana and Micah

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To me lifestyle photography exists to capture how a moment in someone’s life feels. It’s about capturing more authentic moments. The beauty of lifestyle photography is that it allows for the in between moments to become the center focus. We all love the portraits where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera, and I […]

Family Lifestyle Portraits | Phoenix Arizona

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Katie and I have been friends for years, and it was such a joy for me when I found out she was pregnant. Then it has been so much fun watching her daughter grow up via facebook pictures. I mean when you’re mamas a photographer you’re going to have a LOT of great pictures. BUT […]

Katie and Evelyn Disneyland Mommy and Me Portraits

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You know those people who support your dreams, and reassure you when you’re worried or nervous? And those same people who are up for an adventure no matter what? Well for me, I have Anh and her husband Bryan. I can’t quite remember how I met Anh. We are both photographers in Tucson, and somehow […]

London Family Pictures | Anh and Bryan

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I am so incredibly excited because I get to share three of my favorite thing all in today’s family photos blog post! 1. Donuts 2. Families 3. Picnics Seriously when Emily told me she was thinking of doing a donut picnic for her family’s Valentine’s Day pictures I was so on board and beyond excited! […]

Family Portraits with a Donut Picnic

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This beautiful pregnant momma is one of my dearest friends. We met years ago when we were both single and going out dancing, and we have been friends ever since. It has been an incredible exchange to watch each other grow. I was able to photograph it when her husband proposed, for their engagement, then their wedding, and now almost two years later for Amber’s maternity session!

Amber Brown | Maternity

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One of my all time favorite things about being a photographer is getting to connect with other creatives who are following their passions, and thinking outside the box to come up with solutions to the problems they see facing the world. Cynthia at Free Ever After is one such woman who I have been lucky enough to work with multiple times.

Rachel | Free Ever After Bridal Collaboration

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I am SO excited to share Jessica’s senior pictures with you! She is graduating from the University of Arizona with her Bachelor’s of Science in Speech Language and Hearing. She also will be receiving her minor in Special Education and Rehabilitation. 

Taking her pictures was such a treat for me because we actually went to college together! We will both have the same major, and consequently took a bunch of our classes together! So much of my time at the UofA was spent in the library with the wonderful soul, and I am better off for it! Jessica is so unbelievably smart, but she would never ever brag about it. PLUS she goes out of her way to share her knowledge, and to help other people!

Jessica Fuggiti | University of Arizona Senior Session

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This prom photo shoot was thought up, styled, and designed by the lovely and super talented HMUA Alexis. I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful that I got to work with her. I mean seriously she did such an amazing job on the makeup and design! My job was sooooo easy!! It felt like we were all just hanging out, and these three girls took my breath away over and over again! I can’t wait to introduce you to Madison, Andrea, and Salmer! I am sharing a few of my favorite group and individual images below! 

Prom Photoshoot | St. Philip’s Plaza