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Welcome friend! I am so glad you've found my blog. I love that you're here in my little home on the web! Here you will find relationship advice, wedding planning tips, and a few dad jokes! Explore, ask questions, but most of all, make yourself at home. I hope you find inspiration, love and joy in these stories! 

i'm Susannah

Hey there!

i'm Susannah

Welcome friend! I am so glad you've found my blog. I hope you find inspiration, love and joy here! 

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Hey there!

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Lynsey and Ben’s wedding day was nothing short of magical. From the getting ready room all the way through to the reception! I have never seen a calmer bride and groom. Even knowing she had to make the drive from where she was getting ready all the way to El Conquistador couldn’t shake Lynsey’s overall […]

Lynsey and Ben El Conquistador Wedding

Tucson Wedding Photography

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Reception Tips The fun has begun! It’s time to relax, dance and celebrate!! Your reception should be a BLAST!  The last thing you need to be worrying about is your timeline. Your coordinator and DJ should take care of making sure that everything stays on schedule so that you can enjoy your night. Here are […]

Wedding Reception Tips

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Kathryn and Camron have a Disney fairytale kind of love, and being a part of telling their love story has been so incredibly rewarding. Their Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch Wedding could not have been any lovelier than it was. Even the weather suddenly changed to give them the perfect day. Seriously, one week before […]

Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch Wedding | Kathryn and Camron

Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch Wedding

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Last Saturday was a perfect day for a wedding. It was sunny and 72 degrees because in the desert we barely get winter. And it was filled with love – You know my favorite thing in the whole wide world! And for Val and Alan the Stillwell House in downtown Tucson was the perfect location […]

Stillwell House Wedding | Val and Alan

Stillwell house wedding

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Treva and Bryan’s Wedgewood Lindsay Grove wedding was so much fun to be a part of. Not only was it beautiful, but also it was full of love. Pulling up to their venue was like driving up to a mansion. The building literally took my breath away, and I thought “heck yeah this is going […]

Wedgewood Lindsay Grove Wedding | Treva and Bryan

wedgewood lindsay grove wedding

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Stepping into the getting ready room for Jyl and John’s Tucson Omni National Resort wedding was like walking into a big party! Every direction you looked you saw women laughing and having a good time! Jyl greeted me with a huge hug and almost immediately offered me a glass of champagne. I could tell we […]

Tucson Omni National Resort Wedding | Jyl and John

Tucson Omni National Resort Wedding

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Some of the questions I get asked the most from my brides are should you buy a veil, and when should you wear your veil. Those are both excellent questions, and I wanted to give my answer for y’all here!   To answer the first question: “Should I wear a veil?” My answer is “YES!!” […]

When Should you Wear your Veil?

when to wear your veil

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Y’all my wedding is just over three weeks away, and some last minute things keep popping up! One of those things is getting my engagement ring cleaned. As a photographer I know the importance of a clean ring. A clean ring sparkles in photos, is easier to focus on, and just overall looks nicer. A […]

How To Clean Your Ring

how to clean your ring

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Walking into Shannon and Jake’s Stardance wedding ceremony you never would’ve known what their morning had been like. But it was such a testament to their characters, to their families, and to their friends that I want to share it with you. Wedding photography coverage was supposed to start at 2:00, but I arrived at […]

Stardance Wedding | Shannon and Jake

Stardance Wedding


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