I am so lucky to work with some of the best companies on the internet. When JT and I started this journey we knew it meant giving up Amazon to focus on small businesses where our money could really make a difference. Every company you see here I have personally purchased from (yes with my own money) and loved. So I am excited to recommend them to you too! Some, but not all, of these links may be an affiliate link, which means at no cost to you I receive a portion of the sale. Whenever I could I also got you a discount! Happy shopping!

Crated with Love

This is our all time favorite date box subscription! Everything you need for a monthly date night filled with conversation and laughter! Plus use the code SUSANNAHLYNN to get $5 off your purchase!

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Hosanna Revival

Hosanna Revival has my all time favorite Bible's. They are so gorgeous and well designed. It makes me want to read my bible because it's so beautiful! Plus they have bibles with dedicated note taking sections!

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The most comfy shoes I've ever owned, plus they're made with responsibly sourced material and machine washable! I prefer the bamboo to the wool blend for hot summer months!

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Every Dollar

Dave Ramsey says "if you don't tell your money where to go you'll wonder where it went." We use EveryDollar to set our budget and intention and stay on track!

Bayly Botanicals

If you're looking for the best place to shop for a houseplant look no further than Bayly's! They will help you pick the perfect plant for your lifestyle and ship it right to your door! Plus save 10% with the code BAYLY10


If you're looking for the most comprehensive stock photo site there is look no further than Hautestock! I've photographed several collections for them and am so impressed with how much care they took for everything here!

Favorite Online Products

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